Learn how to achieve 10 most requested party designs under 10 mins

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    • Dome 1

    • Dome 2

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    • Floral 1

    • Floral 2

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    • Jewellery 1

    • Jewellery 2

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    • Mandala 1

    • Mandala 2

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    • Kids 1

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    What's inside our henna bag?

    • BONUS! What to bring for a party?

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    • 10 Party Design E-BOOK

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    • 10 PARTY DESIGN Assignment

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Here are what our students have got to say about the class

  • Aza and Syra are wonderful henna educators. I have always enjoyed their zoom classes and even this online course. It has enabled me to improve a lot of my henna knowledge! - Hanisah Binte Zakir Hussain

  • Easy to follow and very informative. Just what I was looking for at an affordable price. - Bibi Soorayya Choolun

  • The Online Party Henna Class was really awesome. Ms. @aza_hennaart & Ms. @syraskins explanations were really clear and easy to understand. Both of you taught very useful tips & tricks where all the henna artists should know. All the 10 party designs were explained very well and clearly. Thank you for giving a great opportunity. Hope to join all you classes. Thanks alot! - Fathima Shazna Zaheer Hassan

  • Very informative and detailed explanation. - Hafsa Arif

  • The details, techniques shared by Syra and Aza are impeccable. Being able to practice at my own time and pace greatly helps increase my focus as i do love taking my time when i do henna to ensure a neater outcome! - Nurul Ain Masayu Binti Abdul Majid

  • I'm glad that I decided to join this amazing class with many new things to know about henna designing. Thank you so much for conducting this class. - Shafia Fathima

  • I enjoyed the class alot because it gives me deeper understanding of henna drawings. It is also easy to understand and both Aza and Syra are not selfish to share their knowledge and experience. - Nabilah Izzati Binte Abdul Razak